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  • IDEAS Designs Ltd
  • Cassiuseyewear
  • Lucid-design
  • FunkyKitchens
  • LondonFashionWeekend
  • Cables2u
  • Mx5Parts
  • VanStyle & UVCarShades
  • ProCoreSolutions
  • CentralCatering
  • AnyWorkAnyWhere
  • IDEAS Designs Ltd


    After they had suffered some reliability issues, we went in and offered general IT support including fault finding resulting in a faster more productive environment. Backup facilities were also installed to give then some piece of mind again.
  • CassiusEyewear


    We were recomended to Lego by previous customers & asked to deliver a very sparce and vivid ecommerce solution. With newsletter, press / photo library & blog facilities they have been very happy with the solution delivered.www.cassiuseyewear.co.uk
  • Lucid-Design


    Our main Design partner asked us to deliver some technicaly challenging options. Made to look simple with full backend CMS & blogging facility our working relationshop has gone from strength to strength.www.lucid-design.net
  • FunkyKitchens


    They found a template they liked and required a fully templated ecommerce solution to roll it into with many additional business 2 business & business to customer facilities running side by side. This was a pleasure to work on. Detailed information of existing customers on the site, behavioural tracking & discount vouchers have been added since.
  • London Fashion Weekend


    Key focus areas for this project were technical interface and hosting of the web site as well as optimization of site impact and clarity.


    iBridge have a strong established IT partnership with this customer.
    A full eCommerce system has been developed for the needs of this business and the site design has been updated with banner incorporation as required. An optimized hosting and security solution is part of the integrated package supplied, continuous support and emergency cover are utilised 24/7.


    We provide a full eCommerce fulfilment solution, email marketing & banner production. Continuous development of systems has ensured that this rapidly growing business was based on a fully optimized, integrated IT framework. Proactive development of customer facing concepts ensures the site and business processes remain fresh and new. Site design requirements are basic as the product range is ever expanding and customer requirements their main focus. Full stock control, order management & fulfillment solutions are developed and supported by iBridge via full end-to-end daily support.
  • VanStyle & UVCarShades


    Brought onboard to bring the business upto date. Internal systems needed full review and all computers and servers we formatted & rolled back out. Standardised software, centrally controlled facilities with full domain & security solutions. Standard web site converted to full eCommerce solution with integration into backed Warehouse Management solution.
    With limited budget our customer wanted an entry point into this additional market. Whilst separating new sales from the existing business, all aspects needed to be managed by the existing site & services.
  • ProCoreSolutions


    Lucid were requested to help design an initial website design and iBridge brought in to develop a working web solution for this customer. Rotating eye catching banners were used to give fluidity and differentiation to the site, catch the eye of visitors, helping with upsell and delivering the company message.
  • Central Catering


    The requirements of this customer played to our core business strengths with development of web-based systems required to capture data, which is then fully supported, by backend systems. Secure members areas, uploaded document handling and new account controls were introduced to this customer site for optimized functionality and convenience. The power of JQuery and other JavaScript plugins were used to introduce roll over areas to the site and integrate larger photographs and popups with user interaction. This customer wanted impact and we believe we delivered, they were certainly happy.
  • AnyWorkAnyWhere


    As one of our first web projects back in 2000, the owners of this business approached us to help produce a facility to facilitate their dream of a global online business. Our approach and quotation for this project were positively received, especially in light of other substantial quotes already reviewed, and we were able to establish a strong working relationship which allowed our customer to travel the world developing their business whilst still remaining in contact and complete control of their services business. Many years later, iBridge continue to host this site and support with day to day technical requirements for PC & windows software.


    Born from a division of BBC facilities, the requirements of AUDIOGO changed significantly when they became an independent business. LUCID, our design partner helped to design key promotions & technical features for the independent company whilst an internal team focused on eCommerce. iBridge were asked to become part of the team in order that a working web solution could be developed and delivered from some initial design concepts. Today these solutions are fully integrated into the customer site.