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offers services and methodologies designed to address traditional offline
systems and web technology needs ranging from planning, analysis, ...

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eMarketing is simply the marketing of products or services over the internet and usually consists of digital advertising methods such as emailers and creative use of online advertising space. The average internet user has a limited attention span and iBridge can help you capture it, whatever your industry.
eCommerce is simply the selling of products or services over the internet and is huge part of modern online business. If a client wishes to buy from you they need to feel secure and looked after. iBridge can create websites with payment sections that are reliable, secure and easy to use.
An intranet is a private computer network. It is a secure way of exchanging information within a company. iBridge can set up a new intranet for you, or help to optimise your current network. An efficient intranet leads to an efficient workforce.
Mobile Applications
Mobile applications are pieces of software designed for use on small, low-power handheld devices such as smartphones. iBridge can create bespoke mobile applications aimed at extending your reach over your sector. Your clients will find it easier to find you and use your services.
IT support
The service provided by iBridge is back up by our IT support network. We know that the best way to solve a problem is often with a simple phone call. That is why we offer a 24 hour IT support hotline, as well as support via email.
iBridge E-commerce Web Development Logo